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Brian cut taxes, streamlined or eliminated thousands of rules/regulations and made Michigan a Right-To-Work state. Since he started, Michigan’s economy has seen a tremendous turnaround with more than 555,500 new jobs created since 2010 and the lowest unemployment rate in 17 years. Michigan is the #1 Great Lakes state for job creation and is #6 in America.

Population Growth

After being the only state in the nation to lose population in the previous census, Michigan is growing again. And that’s not all – our strong economy has drawn young talent back to Michigan. We grew at a top ten rate nationally among 25-34 year olds and had more inbound migration of college graduates than any other Great Lakes state.

Tax Reform

Brian was the driving force behind two historic tax reforms that expanded economic opportunity and served as a catalyst for job and income growth. Replacing the job-killing Michigan Business Tax with the simple, fair and efficient Corporate Income Tax, as well as eliminating the Personal Property Tax on small businesses and manufacturing equipment put Michigan back on the map. These reforms improved Michigan’s Business Climate from 40th to 11th and the Corporate Tax Ranking from 49th to 8th.

Balanced Budgets and Fiscal Discipline

When Brian was first elected Lieutenant Governor, the state had just been through a decade-long financial crisis. Michigan needed bold leadership, and that’s exactly what he brought to the table. In budget management and fiscal discipline, Michigan is now a model for the nation. We are 8 for 8 in passing balanced budgets months ahead of schedule. We reduced the state’s debt by over $20 billion, and we deposited nearly $900 million in the rainy-day fund.

Right to Work

Brian was one of the driving forces behind Michigan becoming a Right to Work state, prohibiting the requirement of union membership for employment. Michigan is now #1 in the nation for manufacturing job growth.

Gordie Howe International Bridge

Brian led the development of an agreement to build an additional span between the two largest trading partners in the world – Canada and the United States. The project is already underway and will create thousands of high-skilled, high-paying jobs. This will be the largest trade corridor between the two countries when completed and Canada is paying for it. This bridge will have a massive economic impact as a major North American logistical hub.

Improving Quality of Life

Mental Health Reform

Brian chaired the Mental Health and Wellness Commission and has implemented reforms that help Michiganders with mental health issues live more self-determined, independent lives. Click here to read the report.

Addiction Epidemic

Brian has led important change in Michigan’s efforts to address addiction in our state. To turn the opioid epidemic around, we must treat it as a healthcare issue, not just a criminal justice issue. He chaired the Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse Task Force, developing statewide best practices to combat the problem. He has delivered on several important reforms to address this growing epidemic already, including making naloxone, the overdose antidote, available without a prescription and revamping Michigan’s prescription monitoring program. Click here to read the report.

Disability Employment

Best practices in business on diversity and inclusion show that hiring people with physical or developmental disabilities is a win-win. Brian established the groundbreaking Employment First policy in Michigan and is transforming employment services for people with disabilities. He traveled the state advocating for employment opportunities for Michiganders with disabilities through the MI Hidden Talent initiative. Adding this talented, hardworking, loyal population to the workforce will be a game changer for many people who have never been given a chance to prove what they can do. He also signed legislation creating the MiABLE program, allowing Michigan families to save for disability expenses without jeopardizing any state or federal disability benefits. Click here to view the Employment First Executive Order.

Autism Insurance Reform

Brian dramatically changed the landscape and futures of people with Autism, starting with reforming Michigan’s insurance code to increase access to autism services in Michigan. His efforts continue to transform lives, giving families greater access to diagnosis and treatment services.

Preventing Lead Exposure

After personally working shoulder-to-shoulder with the good people of Flint in 2016 on the Water Crisis recovery efforts, Brian chaired the Child Lead Poisoning Elimination Board. He created a statewide roadmap focused on proactive efforts to eliminate all forms of child lead exposure in Michigan. Click here to read the report.

Flint’s Recovery

Focusing on Flint

While many others pointed fingers, looked backward and played politics, Brian rolled up his sleeves and worked alongside the people of Flint to build a better future – including work on infrastructure, nutrition, education, healthcare and economic development.

After the discovery of elevated lead levels in Flint’s water system, Brian took action, moved his office to Flint and led efforts to connect residents with resources needed to move forward. He even personally went door to door in Flint to expedite the recovery efforts. He worked in Flint so much in 2016 that he personally filed a city income tax return there.

Criminal Justice Reform

Smart on Crime

As chairman of the Mental Health Diversion Council, Brian has been developing and implementing best practices for how we address criminal justice issues in our state… being smart on crime.  This means addressing the root cause of the crime and helping people get the treatment they need and keeping them out of the corrections system whenever possible. Michigan has also expanded problem-solving courts focused on mental health, addiction and veteran issues.

Vocational Village

Brian is working to set up returning citizens for success. He is a strong advocate for the Vocational Village program created in Michigan’s prisons. It offers the ability to complete career and technical training on-site at the facility, preparing individuals for careers upon release. This improves the chances that they won’t reoffend and end up back in one of our prisons. The employment rate among graduates is double the typical employment rate for other parolees.


Special Education

All children should have the best education available to them, regardless of their ability, which is why Brian is a warrior for special education. He chaired the Special Education Reform Task Force, developing best practices to improve outcomes for our most vulnerable students. In 2016, he signed legislation banning the use of non-emergency restraint and seclusion practices in our schools, making schools a safer place for all students and staff. Click here to read the report.

Skilled Trades

Brian is leading efforts to increase essential training for skilled trades careers so that our state’s residents can continue to grow and succeed. In the last three budgets, more than $160 million has been allocated for additional classroom equipment, grants for job training and promoting opportunities in skilled trades. Michigan launched the Michigan Advanced Technician Training Program and added more FIRST Robotics teams than the rest of the nation.

Military and Veteran Support

One-Stop Shop

Meeting the needs of our veterans must always be a priority. The administration created the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency in 2013, launching 1-800-MICH-VET, a toll-free hotline where veterans and family members can ask questions 24 hours a day/7 days a week. As a result, utilization of veteran benefits has increased by 40 percent since 2010, meaning more Michigan veterans are getting the support they earned for their service.

Service-Animal Support

After hearing that veterans were being turned away in some locations for being accompanied by service animals, Brian worked to enact legislation ensuring that veterans with service animals would not face restrictions in public places.

Protect and Grow

Brian drove the development and implementation of the Protect and Grow strategic plan to leverage Michigan’s position within the defense industry. The plan protects and expands Michigan’s 105,000 jobs and $10 billion in income.