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Not too long ago, Michigan’s biggest problem was a lack of jobs. Seven years and more than 540,000 new jobs later, our economy has outgrown our workforce. Michigan businesses large and small say they just can’t find enough people with the right skills to fill all the jobs being created. As problems go, this is a good one to have. Yet, at the same time that we have extraordinary job growth, there are too many people without a job and living on social services. Brian will fix that.

Brian cut taxes, invested in infrastructure and reduced/streamlined regulations. As a result, we’ve seen job growth, income growth, population growth and attraction of talent. Today, talent is the new currency of economic development. The most important thing we can do to supercharge Michigan’s economy is to build the greatest talent pipeline in the nation. To do that, we must have the best education system, increase the number of people in the workforce and solve the root causes of unemployment and underemployment.

While others talk of increasing job growth, Brian has actually done it. He is the only candidate with a plan to take Michigan’s economy to the next level.

Make Michigan the best state in the nation for PreK-12 education.

Our kids deserve the best education on the planet and Brian will not rest until they have it. As Governor, Brian will:

  1. Ensure students start school ready to learn
  2. Adopt an “all-in” approach to make sure every single student becomes a great reader by 3rd grade
  3. Establish a flexible curriculum that maintains high standards and prepares kids for life with all its demands and opportunities, not just test taking

Read full education plan here

Fill more than 800,000 jobs in technical, professional and skilled trades fields by 2024.

Michigan needs to transform the way it prepares people for careers to address the growing talent gap in high paying, high demand fields.

In the last 7 years, our state’s economy has added 540,000 jobs, but too many jobs are still going unfilled. There is huge demand for workers in fields like computer science, skilled trades and professional trades – and demand is growing.

We will connect more Michiganders to these careers with innovative programs, including competency-based certification, assistance for schools to improve curricula and classroom equipment, scholarships and stipends, and support for career navigators and teachers.

By thinking outside the box and investing in the training that will prepare Michiganders for well-paying, in-demand careers, we will not just be competitive, Michigan will be the talent leader.

Increase the workforce by transforming our social service system into a springboard to employment.

No one grows up dreaming about a life on welfare. Brian’s plan gives people the path to independence. As Governor, Brian will:

  1. Transform the welfare application process into the development of individualized plans to help people become independent
  2. Establish an expectation of work for those on assistance – both internships and community service for skill development and resume building
  3. Eliminate barriers to employment with services tailored to the problems holding people back from becoming independent, taxpaying citizens

Eradicate the opioid addiction epidemic.

Every community in our state is being impacted by the addiction epidemic that has swept across our nation. We need more people getting their lives back on track and fewer funerals. As Governor, Brian will:

  1. Implement policies to prevent addiction from happening in the first place with education and community partnerships
  2. Expand and improve treatment options- both inpatient and outpatient
  3. Pursue smarter, more effective enforcement tools for healthcare and law enforcement agencies

Bring civility to public service.

The political divide is growing wider every day. The obsession with fighting threatens to degrade the culture of public service even further and it certainly does not support getting things done. Brian believes in the politics of addition, rather than division. As Governor, Brian will:

  1. Work hard to bring people together so that things actually get done
  2. Listen to different points of view and be respectful to others
  3. Strive to come to common understandings, even when common conclusions are not possible