Download Brian's Full Plan to Take the Michigan Comeback to the Next Level


Download Brian's Full Plan to Take the Michigan Comeback to the Next Level



Not too long ago, Michigan’s biggest problem was a lack of jobs. Seven years and more than 555,500 new jobs later, our economy has outgrown our workforce. Michigan businesses large and small say they just can’t find enough people with the right skills to fill all the jobs being created. As problems go, this is a good one to have. Yet, at the same time that we have extraordinary job growth, there are too many people without a job and living on social services. Brian will fix that.

Brian cut taxes, invested in infrastructure and reduced/streamlined regulations. As a result, we’ve seen job growth, income growth, population growth and attraction of talent. Today, talent is the new currency of economic development. The most important thing we can do to supercharge Michigan’s economy is to build the greatest talent pipeline in the nation. To do that, we must have the best education system, increase the number of people in the workforce and solve the root causes of unemployment and underemployment.

While others talk of increasing job growth, Brian has actually done it. He is the only candidate with a plan to take Michigan’s economy to the next level.

Make Michigan the best state in the nation for PreK-12 education.

Our kids deserve the best education on the planet and Brian will not rest until they have it. As Governor, Brian will:

  1. Ensure students start school ready to learn
  2. Adopt an “all-in” approach to make sure every single student becomes a great reader by 3rd grade
  3. Establish a flexible curriculum that maintains high standards and prepares kids for life with all its demands and opportunities, not just test taking

Read full education plan here

Fill More Than 800,000 Jobs With The Marshall Plan For Talent

Michigan has seen such amazing progress that our economy has actually outgrown our workforce. We will need to fill more than 800,000 jobs in several high demand fields such as skilled trades to health care to information technology and more over the next six years.

The Marshall Plan for Talent will make learning skills for today’s marketplace a lifetime commitment, and transform the way people are connected to the opportunities of today AND tomorrow.

Read the Marshall Plan for Talent here

Fix The Roads!

Bad decisions and indecision from previous administrations and career politicians have left us with too much debt and bad roads. Thanks to some much needed financial discipline, the Snyder/Calley administration has paid off nearly half of that debt. Once fully paid, it will free up over $200 million more for rebuilding and repairing our roads.

Under this plan, we will not only pay off our debt, but also accelerate the availability of the $1.2 billion road funding package that was recently passed. Those funds will go towards rebuilding roads with higher standards so they last longer in Michigan’s unique climate. We will improve efficiency by implementing innovative technologies and engineering, and save taxpayer money by requiring entities to coordinate maintenance, repair, and replacement so that the same roads aren’t being torn up every year for different reasons.

Read the full road plan here

We Must Lower The Cost Of Auto Insurance

Michigan has some of the highest auto insurance premiums in the country and it is holding our families and cities back. Past attempts of reform simply have not worked. This plan will:

  1. Create a fraud authority and give it the strength to act as a deterrent.
  2. Find creative solutions with both insurance companies and healthcare providers to reduce costs and preserve the intended mission of the no-fault law.
  3. Increase transparency of how assessments are made on drivers and expose more areas for savings.

Common-sense reforms like these will lower costs and help families and small businesses alike without sacrificing good coverage.

Read the full auto insurance plan here

Helping Our Neighbors Help Themselves

With Michigan’s economy continuing to grow, we can lend a hand to every Michigander who dreams of leaving welfare and climbing up the economic ladder. With this plan, social services will connect people with good paying jobs — and give people a pathway to success and independence. Not only does this plan help families, it will grow our economy by transforming our social service programs into a springboard for employment.

For me, it isn’t enough to just help people survive — we need to help them thrive. With our growing economy, we can’t leave anyone behind.

Read the full social service transformation plan here

Eradicate The Opioid Epidemic

The opioid addiction epidemic is a national emergency and it needs to be treated like one. We can’t solve this problem by only throwing people in jail. That isn’t how you treat addiction. Instead, this comprehensive plan will expand and improve treatment options while pursuing smarter, more effective treatment support for healthcare professionals as well as enforcement tools for law enforcement agencies. And we will add more community partnerships to try and prevent addiction in the first place.

While no single entity or change will reverse this problem, something must be done. We need everyone on board to implement these changes.

Read the full opioid eradication plan here

Bringing Civility To Public Service And Improve Ethics Laws

It seems politicians today would rather look for a fight instead of come together to solve problems. Michigan’s comeback didn’t happen because politicians fought one another, it occurred because people decided to work together and treat each other with respect.

As governor, I will listen to all views no matter if they are different from my own, and respect those whom I have policy differences with. Even if we can’t come to the same conclusion, it’s important to strive to come to a common understanding. On top of that, we will combine this approach with other good government reforms like expanding the Freedom of Information Act, increasing financial disclosure requirements of politicians, and ending the revolving door of politicians who go on to become lobbyists.

Read the full civility to public service plan here